Julie Renee

 Renee Davenport is Julie Tucker's pen name. She is not trying to hide that fact in any way. Her middle name is Renee and she was born in Davenport, Iowa. Thus, the name Renee Davenport.
In January of 2012, she joined a new direct sales company. They needed someone to make graphic ads for them. She quickly learned how to make advertisements, Twitter & Facebook covers, blog headers, and much more.

Then Julie started blogging. She met many bloggers who needed graphics. Now she makes blog headers, ads, and banners for several bloggers. After that, she wrote five children's books. Each book has several colorful pictures. Making the graphics for the books was especially fun for her. 

Since Julie loves making graphics, she started finding new avenues to work with different images. She finds that grayscale coloring books are perfect for her interests. It is something she can do that a lot of people can get enjoyment from. 

Julie's hope is to continue writing children's books and making coloring books for years to come. 

Find Renee's paperback books on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2wB1qa4

Find the flip-through of all the coloring books on YouTube~

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